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“We’ve been searching for the right advertising in promoting Our Firm in
building Our Reputation at the “grass-roots” level for quite a while.  We believe PromoCOASTERS has hit on a Winning New Strategy. Our promotional coasters have proven they get our message delivered exactly where it has the most impact.We look forward to continued success with our re-order of 100K coasters.”

- Malcolm Anthony P.A.
(904) 285-4529

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
    Welcome To PromoCOASTERS!

PromoCOASTERS offers a new and innovative way to reach potential customers for a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising.  Imagine your company logo or message printed in vivid color on custom beverage coasters delivered to your favorite local bar or restaurant. Your advertising message will be placed in front of countless patrons day after day, week after week, every time they enjoy a meal or have a drink.

Why should you consider using promotional coasters for your next campaign?
With PromoCOASTERS you can target your desired audience precisely and effectively. Restaurants and Bars draw a specific clientele - where does your target demographic frequent? Sports Bars and Night Cubs?  The Local Family Restaurant or your Neighborhood Diner? Armed with our extensive market research drawn from vendor supplied client demographics we can help put your message in front of the clients you want and when you want. We deliver your advertising message in a unique way that is remembered and can be pocketed like a calling card. Unlike standard single use advertising like newspapers and mailers, PromoCOASTERS advertising coasters are reused 1-5 times increasing your exposure and ROI dramatically! 

Creating your own PromoCOASTERS advertising campaign is easy as 1, 2, 3!

       Advertise products, services, announcements, events, movie releases, or just                  generate name recognition for your business or web site. (see examples here)

       You decide where to advertise. Simply select from participating vendor
       locations based on your unique marketing goals and needs.

       Whether it's 30,000 or 300,000+ we can do it! With PromoCOASTERS you have               the flexibility to adjust your monthly distribution rate to meet seasonal

     THAT'S IT!
       We take care of all production, distribution and management for your promotional   
campaign. At PromoCOASTERS, we do all the work!

PromoCOASTERS currently serves the Jacksonville, Florida Metro area including:
Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beaches, Ponte Vedra Beach, St.Augustine,
Fernandina Beach, and Orange Park.

To learn more about how you can start your own PromoCOASTERS business in your city please click here.