PromoCOASTERS Business Opportunity

Ready to help local businesses and organizations advertise with PromoCOASTERS? Want to be your own boss and own a unique business? 
The PromoCOASTERS Marketing Concept might be the right fit for you!

We supply:
  • Sample Vendor Agreements
  • Sample Client Contract
  • Coasters at Wholesale Cost
  • Sales Techniques for Vendors
  • Sales Techniques for Clients
  • PromoCOASTERS Best Practices
  • Web Page
  • Forms
  • Complete Turnkey Business
  • and most experience!
  • 10 Hours of FREE Phone or Skype assistance to help you succeed!

It's been 5 years since I first started PromoCOASTERS. Since then I have learned exactly what type of clientele to approach and how to present the PromoCOASTERS Marketing proposition. Now I'd like to teach you how to do it in your city too!

If you are currently exploring other business opportunities you know how expensive it can be to start your own business. Not only is it expensive to buy the business but then there is monthly overhead to consider, franchise fees, and employees. PromoCOASTERS is different:

  • Low 1 Time Investment
  • NO Overhead
  • NO Employees
  • NO Monthly Franchise Fees
  • Work as little or as much as your time allows!

Whether you are currently unemployed, or would like to supplement your current income, PromoCOASTERS will give you the opportunity to earn and grow at your own pace.

In order to maximize your success, the ideal business owner will need to meet most or all of the requirements below.

  • Prior Sales Experience
  • Desire to own your own business
  • Reside in a City with a Minimum Population of 250,000
  • Prior Restaurant/bar Employment
  • Prepared to learn something new

If you are interested in learning how you can start your own PromoCOASTERS business please contact me at  to set up a phone conference to discuss this unique opportunity in more detail. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Tom Oliser
PromoCOASTERS President