"Great product, excellent service, and a superb value.
PromoCOASTERS brings the power of mass  exposure to small and medium size businesses like never before. The next big idea in marketing!"

MIke White
Client Focused Media


How long will my coasters last?
On average, you can expect a coaster to last 2-5 uses. Coaster life varies greatly on the thickness of coaster, type of beverage used, the amount of overflow, and use regularity.

Can vendors use advertising coasters other than PromoCOASTERS?
No! All approved vendors have agreed to use only PromoCOASTERS brand advertising coasters at their establishment.

Is there a cap on how many coasters I can place per vendor?
Yes, the coaster maximum varies from vendor to vendor. This insures that all coasters at a vendor location will be used during the advertising period for maximum effect. Vendor availability is on a first come first serve basis. Please contact a PromoCOASTERS representative for the latest vendor coaster needs and availability here.

How much do PromoCOASTERS cost?
Coaster prices range from 5¢ to 20¢ per coaster depending on thickness, color choice, and amount orderd.

Can I buy in bulk to save money?
Yes! You can save up to 65% when you buy ahead. We'll warehouse your order
for monthly distribution for up to 12 months!

How long before my coasters are delivered to the vendors?
After final proof approval, your coasters will be delivered in 14-21 days.